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Dear Friend,

For many years, my husband and I struggled financially. Our older children remember times  when we didn't have money to buy back-to-school clothes and Christmases were even tougher. In fact, I literally know what it's like to go bankrupt and wonder how you're going to make it day to day.

Fast forward with me to 2010 and today I'm sitting in my office earning a 6-figure income doing what I love, setting my own schedule, and able to choose how I spend my days.

Seeing the online empire I've built, people constantly ask me how I went from struggling to survive to finally breaking through to a 6-figure income. How did we go from bankruptcy to twenty revenue streams? (Google Marnie Pehrson if you're not familiar with my projects.)

For a long time I couldn't nail it down. I just knew that God helped me. 

As more and more people asked what my secrets were, I knew I had to dissect my success and articulate the principles behind my financial leap. I wanted to know what the difference was for me because I wanted to be able to help others who struggle financially. And so I set off on a quest to discover what made the shift in my life. It started twirling around in my head, and finally I feel I can articulate the principles behind my financial success. 

In fact, up until now, only my closest friends have had access to this information. When they apply it, it works for them as well!

In a nutshell the secret comes down to raising my "Abundance Quotient." Your Abundance Quotient is not just your mindset but your heartset. It's not only how you think but also how you feel about abundance. 

I'd like to share this blueprint with you, so you too can tap into the financial genius within you.

You are a born creator, designed to live in an effortless flow of abundance. Yet most people never tap into this inner treasure that manifests itself outwardly as well. 

Increasing Your Abundance Quotient!

Finally! Now there’s a map to increasing that crucial mindset and heartset called your abundance quotient. I’ve designed a special success blueprint based around raising your “AQ” and reaching the abundance God has planned for you.

It works like this…each week for 3 months you’ll receive a personal video message from me (also available as a downloadable audio MP3 file), sharing a concept that will raise your Abundance Quotient along with a PDF Document containing a written lesson and assignment for the week.

Each lesson is crafted to help you shift your mindset. As you practice the Increasing Your Abundance Quotient principles, you’ll find your heart shifting as well. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." It's your heart that makes the difference! 

In this course you'll discover …

  • How one little shift in your perspective can reveal the vast treasure in your own back yard. (I taught this to a friend and she generated $1,500 in 48-hours from something she already had lying around!)

  • Why decluttering your life could be the easiest way to jumpstart the flow of abundance. (Want the windows of heaven opened up for you? Make way for the wealth!)

  • The keys to unlocking the riches of heaven and creating an “open conduit” from heaven to your hands

  • Why working harder could actually be restricting your flow of wealth. (Stepping back and taking a break could reveal wealth right in front of your face.)

  • How to become a conduit of God's abundance SO THAT…you flow in His riches without strain and effort.

  • The key to expanding your kingdom bank account SO THAT you tap into the abundance God offers those who allow His light to shine through them.

  • The secret to developing that transparently pure faith that God will bring you exactly what you need when you need it. (Faith is the substance of miracles! When you have it and direct it in the right way, nothing is impossible!)

  • A sure-fire method for getting in sync with your big dreams. (I used this method to get the 24-acres we live on and I can show you how to use it too.)

  • How to enjoy hands-on abundance without investing any of your own time or energy. (I'll share instances when I received very expensive items without spending a dime of my own money or even lifting a finger!)

  • How to quickly master the art of reshaping obstacles into solutions (I call this my 48-hour Abundance Quotient jump-start!)

  • Transforming the pot holes in your life into powerful magnets that bring you exactly what you want.

  • How to stop derailing your success and get back on track.

  • Strategies for leveraging your talents and gifts into long term bottom-line results. (True riches are found in doing what you love!)

  • And so much more!

As I said, I've been down and out. I remember vividly thanking God for my mother who showed up at the door with groceries when we didn’t have enough. I know many people are struggling right now, so I have priced Increasing Your Abundance Quotient at an affordable $29.95 which covers the ENTIRE 3-Month course.

I'm fully convinced that these principles are what led to my success and what can help you as well!

For less than the price of three large pizzas, you can literally transform your life and unlock the blessings of heaven that God is ready, willing and waiting to shower upon you!

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